Zakynthos Airport Food and Drink

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Delicious treats and many options await you here

Mi Cafetal

Departures, Airside, Mezzanine Level

MiCafetal Bakery in a contemporary design space offers delicious coffee, a variety of sandwiches, pastries, juices and refreshments.

Tel: +30 269 5037116


Departures, Landside, Ground Level

Panopolis offers a variety of freshly baked authentic recipes of sandwiches, salads and sweets, pies made with simple delicious ingredients.. Here you can also enjoy rich in flavor & aroma coffees, a variety of cold and hot beverages and freshly squeezed juice.

Upper Crust

Departures, Airside, Intra Schengen, Ground Floor

Upper Crust is urban bakery brand focused around hero bread products such as famous baguettes and signature flatbreads.

The extensive range has broad appeal across all customer targets and offers from familiar local flavors and recipes to classic sandwich combinations with broad international appeal.


Departures, Airside, Extra Schengen, Ground Floor

Life is good in the Mediterranean, with an excellent climate and great cuisine. Enjoy a taste of your favorite Mediterranean dishes, made by fresh ingredients from traditional recipes.

Pies – Snacks, Hot/Cold Sandwiches & SW with customized choices, Salads, Yogurt meals, Coffee, Beverages, Alcoholic Drinks, Desserts & Ice Cream, Meals, Grill